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No one seems to be able to determine the cause of TMJ, however most dentists believe that the symptoms are related to issues that affect the muscles of the jaw, or the actual joint. Never the less, if you have suffered a heavy blow, or have whiplash, you have probably experienced the pain that is associated with the grinding or the clinching of your teeth. If you are in a stressful position at work, or in your home, or you suffer from arthritis, you have also experienced the discomfort of TMJ, but you don’t have to continue to endure the pain and the suffering, because there are things that you can do to eliminate, or at the very least lessen your level of discomfort.

Things You Can Try On Your Own

There are some rather simple and conservative remedies that you can try on your own to alleviate your symptoms of TMJ like for instance, you can elect to eat soft foods. You can also apply ice packs to your jaw. Your might consider learning techniques like yoga, or meditation to help you relax and reduce your level of stress.

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You should not have to live with popping or grating sounds every time you move your jaw, or facial swelling, facial fatigue, a jaw that gets locked into place, or pain every time you chew. Your dentist or physician can offer you a wide range of medications that could help you with your symptoms. Some of these may include:

1. Sedatives – If you are someone who clinches your teeth while you are sleeping and it is exasperating your TMJ symptoms you might be prescribed a sedative to help you achieve a deeper and more relaxing sleep like Klonopin.
2. Muscle Relaxants – This class of drugs may be introduced for short periods of time to help relieve acute pain.
3. Antidepressants – Tricyclic antidepressants are often used to relax those who take them, and to relieve pain. This class of drugs is often used in conjunction with other pain medicines, as they have an enhancing effect.
4. OTC Drugs – Some people are able to manage their symptoms of TMJ with over the counter pain medications.

Other Options

Your dentist or physician might recommend a bite guard, or a stabilization splint that would fit over your upper and lower teeth. Mouth guards are widely used as treatments of TMJ. Stabilization splints should not be used for extended periods of time for the treatment of TMJ. Believe it or not Botox is not only for the lips and the eyebrows of the rich and famous, as it has been shown to help reduce some of the pain associated with TMJ in some people. If you get to the place where non-invasive treatments have failed, your dentist might suggest surgery or implants.

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In reality, if you think that you have TMJ, and you are experiencing pain on a daily basis, you don’t have to suffer. Make an appointment with Dr. Kahsani and his team, and let some of the best in the area work with you to help find a plan of treatment to make the pain and discomfort go away.


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