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Gummy Smile Treatment

About A Gummy SmileThey say first impression matters a lot. I say that, first impression simply depends a lot on your smile. A smile alone can either put off or welcome a person. Some say that a smile can make the difference between cute and ugly. I totally agree. To make sure that you have a cute and welcoming smile, you can maintain clean and spackling white teeth and apply lip-gloss. Unfortunately, not all smiles can be made perfect this way. Sometime we have those conditions that hinder our perfect smiles like For instance; gummy smiles. This is where your gum shows so much when you smile. This may make you feel shy about smiling or make you have that ‘so serious’ face.

Causes Of Gummy Smile

The gummy smile can be because your upper lip is hyperactive active. When you smile, the muscles pull your lip way up. It may also be because your gums have excess tissue so it overlaps on your teeth. The other reason could be because of the manner in which your upper jaw developed. There are several other reasons why you may have a gummy smile; facial muscles, shape of lips, size of teeth… Whatever the cause is, I have good news for you- this is not actually a disease. Therefore, it should not stress you up. The other good news is that this condition can be fixed. Dentists and other doctors have come up with ways to fix this problem. Different doctors may use different methods depending on the established cause of your gummy smile, but the bottom line is that you do not have to stay that way if you do not want to.

Gummy Smile Treatment

First, go for a dental check up and examination of your mouth teeth and gumsSecondly, the dentist will determine the gummy smile by the extent of excessive gingival display and its causes, through examining with x-ray or digital impression of your gum and teethThirdly, the dentist will recommend for retreatment using either of the following procedure• Surgical lip repositioning• Same-day laser treatments for in minor cases: Maxillofacial surgery to reposition the bone, Orthodontics or use of braces to move the teeth into more suitable positions, Surgical Sculpting of the gingival tissues and bone to create healthier and more attractive looking gum contours.


Benefits Well, if you smile and the gum shows, the smiles turn into a sort of repulsive feeling to the counterpart. Those aware of it become shy to smile in public places thus lowering their self-esteem. With the treatment, procedures done you regain your perfect smile and your self-esteem to smile, present and communicate freely. This helps a lot in a relationship, also with peers and workplace related presentation. There is no doubt that with a gummy smile treatment one can regain their facial beauty, which is key for first impression.

Your Personal Dentist

For this and any kind of dental care you need, Dr. James is the one of the best. He is a professional doctor and he treats his patients as though they were VIPs. His many years of experience enable him to handle every situation with amazing efficiency. In addition, the staff in his clinic is highly qualified professionals, who treat each patient with respect and care. Dr. James’s patients testify of the quality treatment they get and end up coming back for checkups. They even convince their friends and relatives to have their dental treatments there!

If you do not like the fact that you have a gummy smile, change it! Visit a dentist, establish the cause of your gummy smile then get the right treatment. Recreate a breath taking first impression; make the world stop just to look at you.



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