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Best Cosmetic Dentist Encino

Cosmetic dentist Encino

There used to be a time when the general population believed that cosmetic dentistry was only for the rich and the famous. If you are one of those people who still thinks that there is no need for you to ever visit a Cosmetic Dentist, or have anything cosmetically done to your teeth, there are a few things to consider. Appearance is everything as we all live in a very visual society, and in reality, everyone wants to look good, and you are certainly no exception. Here are some procedures and treatments that a Cosmetic Dentist Encino Specialist could apply to make your smile even brighter.

Reshape and Contour
Nothing can make you feel more self conscious than a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or is crooked, Your cosmetic dentist in Encino CA can Contour and reshape your tooth or teeth to change its shape, length, or position. You would make a good candidate for teeth contouring if you are seeking to make subtle changes to your teeth.

Cosmetic dentist Encino

Your teeth can be bonded to correct a number of issues like altering the color of teeth, filling in gaps, and filling in small cavities. The bonding material is matched to the color of your teeth, and the procedure can be done in one visit to your dental office. Bonding can last up two years or more and is widely used to repair slightly decayed or chipped teeth.

Teeth Bleaching
The bleaching of teeth has become commonplace, and it is the use of chemicals to whiten teeth. If you have stains on your teeth that regular brushing does not take care of, bleaching would be a great procedure for you. The yellowing or staining of the teeth can be caused by a number of things like certain types of medications, tea, coffee, and cigarette smoking. In addition, aging and hereditary can also be the cause of tooth discoloration. Your dentist can provide treatments in his office, and he can also create a custom mouthpiece for you which would allow you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

How to choose a cosmetic dentist Encino specialist?

Make sure you seek the services of a dental professional that takes his or her time to answer all of the questions that you might have during your consultation. You will also want to make sure that your dentist is one that has studied cosmetic dentistry, and is credentialed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition, do a little research, to make sure that the dentist that you have chosen engages in programs that offer continuing education, and has fantastic references.

If you are uncertain about which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you, you should schedule a consultation with a dentist at Encino cosmetic dental group so that the two of you could sit down and discuss a plan that would suit your needs. Dr. James and his team are ready and able to handle all of your cosmetic dentistry needs with the highest level of experience and professionalism.


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