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The word “endodontics’ does come from the Greek word roots endo and odont, which does translates to, the words that stand for inside tooth. Endodontics does concern itself with the dental specialty that is all about the exclusive study and treatment of dental pulp.

What is an endodontist and why you may need one?

The answer is a very clear one.  An endodontist is a dentist who is specialized in the area of endodontics as a rule. People do need an endodontist for a wide variety of dental issues that this form of specialized dentist can address. An endodontist is able to perform a wide variety of dental procedures. One of the most popular and widely done of all these dental procedures by an endodontist is no other than endodontic therapy. What is endodontic therapy? it is no other than what is known as root canal therapy.

An endodontist takes care of problems that are mainly inside of a tooth. The inside of a tooth does contain a material that is called pulp. This tooth pulp does have nerves, soft tissues, and blood vessels in it. The root canal is a form of procedure that is commonly performed a great deal by an endodontist. This endodontic procedure is done to remove the infected pulp that is inside of the tooth and then sealing the tooth off. This endodontic procedure is something that can be carried out by either a general dentist or by a specialist such as an endodontist.


An endodontist is pretty much the same, as is, a general dentist. They both must complete dental school, which does take about four years to finish, and each of them also does need to complete about two to three more years of advanced and specialized training that is known as being a residency. All of the dentists who do complete this level of study are awarded a graduate degree or they become eligible to get board certification.

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General dentists can, and are able to, perform root canals on some patients. However, taking into consideration the complexity of the dental issue itself, some patients may end up being referred to see an endodontist for treatment. Why should you use an endodontist? Because if you have a tooth that is damaged, or may be infected or inflamed, it is an endodontist who can try to save your tooth. Some of the other treatments that endodontists do give patients does include endodontic retreatment, treating cracked teeth and dental trauma, surgery, and root canal therapy is one of the leading of all these treatments.

A patient should go to Dr. James, if he or she does have problems with a tooth that is damaged somehow, and this wonderful endodontist can do his very best to treat the tooth and save it if possible. There are a couple of choices in Encino such as west valley endodontic group, Dr. cohen endodontist Encino but Dr. James is an exceptional specialist in the field of endodontis and his experience does speak for itself. However, what does speak the loudest is this, and that is his very high level of caring and concern where his patients are concerned. He does his very best to relieve their pain and to save their teeth with his very special endodontic touch.



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Sandor Endodontics is an endodontic practice offering patients modern treatment in performing root canals to save teeth in Jacksonville, FL.

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Microsurgical endodontics


can allow better visualization and management of the surgical field by endodontists during endodontic procedures through magnification and greatly improved